I met my neighbor by way of the Holy Spirit. We began to speak to one another as we passed each other a few times a week. As time went by, I noticed he was grocery shopping alone, walking from the store, pulling a cart behind. The Spirit showed me that I might be able to help him save a little money, IF we went to a less expense grocery store. He agreed and was very willing to do this. So the beginning the next month we went to every one’s favorite store to shop and have continued to do so for the past few years. I enjoy our companionship and have learned much from this man! This past Sunday, he asked that I take him to the emergency room. I spent 6 hours with him until I could get ahold of his family. I ask myself why wasn’t his family there. Where were they on holidays and birthdays after all he is 86 years young? Then I realized, I was there. After moving to a new place, knowing not a soul, having no reason for a day to day commitment I found reason. Thanks James and thanks be to God.