Be Still and Know

God spoke to me on a Wednesday in my home. I had not been feeling well since the prior Monday and I couldn’t really explain what was going on inside my body. I just knew that I didn’t fell well. And in the moment right before I was about to call 911 for an ambulance, I remembered my devotion I had read that morning, “Be still and know that I am God and I am listening to you.” So I sat down and listened for God. God reminded me that I had received my high blood pressure medicine in the mail recently and should have started it on Monday, but I had forgotten. So I ran in and retrieved the high blood pressure medicine and took it. In 20 minutes, I felt normal, happy, and hopeful. How miraculous is our God who can remind us of a simple thing like a blue pill that can make things all new, and can prevent an unnecessary trip to the hospital. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good. I plan on sitting more and listening to God; I can’t wait to see what God will say next!