Faith Formation

The Spirit moved one our LS members to do something last Sunday, and it was a blessing to witness, and I just wanted to share something so sweet and powerful with our community. Around 10:25am or so, the Spirit led a male LS member into our fellowship hall to join in with our young people at the close of their Sunday School class. He wasn’t asked to do this; rather, through his gracious heart, God gave him the courage to simply walk over and join our young people at the table and ask them what they were talking about. And the young people gladly shared that they were talking about David in the Old Testament and what book of the bible the story was in. This man didn’t do this because someone told him to or because he was on a certain committee….he just did it out of the love and compassion in his heart. He was taking the time to connect with our young people, and our young people appreciated that. As it says in Hebrews 10:24, he was “provoked to love and do a good deed” because of God’s love in his heart.