Pew Bear

A friend of mine recently had a double mastectomy because of a recurrence of a cancer she had some years ago.  She is a member of another Lutheran church in our synod, and I thought she might appreciate if I sent her one of our “good Lutheran bears” from Living Springs.  She called to tell me that she was so excited to receive it, and she was so touched to learn if this ministry.  She wanted me to know that she has been taking it to church with her every Sunday and that when she starts chemotherapy in January, she will take the bear with her to each appointment.  The story could have stopped there, but she also wanted me to know that when she finishes chemo and is feeling better, she is going to leave the bear in a pew at her church for someone else who could be helped by the comfort and love the bear has brought to her.  The circle of love grows and grows!