An often asked question is, “Just what is Confirmation anyway?”

Confirmation is a special time in your child’s faith life as he/she journeys toward adulthood and becomes an adult member in the church. It is also an important time for Living Springs to make a significant and sustained effort in providing pastoral insight into the basic principles of the Christian faith thorough instruction. At its core, confirmation is a time for your child to explore the question, “What do God’s promises mean to me?”

Confirmation is not a one-time rite by which a person acquires “full membership” in the church. Rather, confirmation is a comprehensive MINISTRY which begins at baptism and continues through various phases of an individual’s life. It is part of the life-long process by which the church helps persons to more fully understand and live out their identity as a member of the Body of Christ – – an identity established by God through baptism.

At Baptism, our parents, sponsors, and the gathered community vow to accept responsibility for our growth and nurture in the Christian faith. These special two years in confirmation ministry mark a period of transition, wherein the confirmand assumes more direct responsibility for continued growth and nurture in faith. Through a public “Affirmation of Baptism,” each confirmand professes the faith into which she or he was baptized. In doing so, he or she declares the intention to participate more fully in the mission of the church, by accepting responsibility for that mission and by seeking to relate it meaningfully to the changing situations of life.

Confirmation education at Living Springs is a two-year period of intensive ministry, for students beginning in the 7th grade, that is meant to help develop foundations to serve for the remainder of their life, including faithful worship, growth in faith, daily personal devotions, and regular participation in the ministries of God’s Kingdom. To this end, we consider the following as expectations of our program:

  • Attendance and participation in confirmation classes/activities/events
  • Regular personal devotions at home (a daily devotion book, etc.)
  • Confirmation Camp at Lutheridge (insert link to Campfirmation page) in June, usually between the first and second years of confirmation ministry
  • Regular worship attendance (twice monthly)
  • 10 Sunday Worship Summary Sheets per year
  • 2 Special Worship Services per year
  • 4 Youth events or meetings per year
  • Year 1 projects (Old Testament Study, Family Tree project, Faith Talks)
  • Year 2 projects (New Testament Study, Faith “Refrigerator” notes, Faith Talks)
  • Final 2 months class before affirming Baptism (spiritual gifts inventory, design stole)
  • Weekend or a Saturday off-campus retreat in Fall or Spring (service project, Group event, Confirmation Day at the Lutheran Seminary, etc.)
  • Participation in Acolyte ministry in Worship (or another worship volunteer, if needed)
  • Attend at least 1 Congregational Council meeting per year (we will schedule as a group)
  • Faith talks with Pastor each year
  • Faith talks with Congregational Council (we will schedule as a group)


Instruction is taught by pastoral staff and lay leaders. We also could not have a program without the support and involvement of parents, grandparents, and prayer partners!

Confirmation instruction is centered around core, traditional Lutheran principles and doctrine. Students participate in in-depth studies of the Old and New Testament, Baptism, Ten Commandments, Holy Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Apostles’ Creed. Students learn through hands-on experiences with music, video, science, drama, and life application projects that deepen their faith.

Join us for a fun-filled time of faith sharing, faith deepening, and learning about God’s promises!

If you would like more information on our program, call the church office at 803-736-0661 or contact Jan Berger, Program Coordinator at 803-331-5101 or


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