Disciple Dot Moments

Mission MapDuring Easter 2014, we began to place dots on maps to represent places where the Spirit led us to be disciples. We continue this part of our Mission Vision and invite you to join in. 

Place a red dot for your home address (home base of daily mission).  Place multiple blue dots for other places that the Spirit sends you during the week to accomplish God’s mission with your actions, words, work, attitudes, witness, and the presence of the Risen Christ in you! Note that there are separate state/US maps and a globe for spots outside the Columbia area.

Has God worked a disciple moment through you or someone else during the week?  Click here to fill in a Disciple Dot Form and share the story of God’s work.  This isn’t about what “we” are doing, but about all that our amazing God is doing!  Don’t hide under a basket the light of God’s ongoing work!   See the bulletin, newsletter, and Facebook page for some inspiring examples. Click here for stories our members have shared with us.