Faith Milestones

“I chose a valuable stone, which I am placing as the cornerstone in Zion; and whoever believes in him will never be disappointed.” 1 Peter 2: 4-6

Our Passing on the Faith Milestone Ministry Team equips families by providing instruction and support for our upcoming year’s faith milestones. This important ministry connects faith and home, since we ask one parent/guardian to join each child for the milestone classes. Then, as a congregational family, we all witness this step in the child’s faith journey during the gifting ceremonies in worship. We observe parents and caregivers promising to bring God’s presence into their home and continue their Baptismal promises to their children.

We celebrate these Faith Milestones**:

Holy Baptism
Anniversary of First Holy Baptism
Entering Sunday School
First Holy Communion
Kids and Money
Lord’s Prayer
God and Family
Apostles’ Creed
Entering Confirmation
Driver’s License
Blessing of the Backpacks

God is present in all of daily life, making the ordinary sacred and the sacred ordinary. Let us celebrate by naming, blessing, equipping and gifting your faith milestone!

If you or a family member is approaching a milestone, please contact the church office (803.736.0661) or contact Karlene Stuart at